InTheRough - Stay Up / by Alex Young

This playlist is an ode to the constant developments that happen in music. New music drops daily because listeners crave tracks to consume more than they do food, artists interactions with each other sometimes cause friction then feuds start, streaming services have turned into country clubs crafting exclusive experiences unique to a particular platform, and genre bending alludes to the many categories of music. So, to provide a roundup and keep listeners current here is "Stay Up". Thanks to beef between Meek Mill and Drake, Drizzy appears quite a few times because his musical prowess is unmatched even if someone writes his raps like Meek claims. House, electronic, and R&B tones diversify the mix adding different emotions so it is appropriate throughout the entire day; credit Major Lazer, ELHAE from Atlanta, and talented Mura Masa. Things get a bit sensual as Magic Mike XXL influenced the placement of Jacquees and Jeremih. Explore the vibes below and walk away with some discoveries. Be sure to give InTheRough a follow on SoundCloud.