Cameraman Nairobi Documents Steelers 2015 Training Camp / by Alex Young

Football is a proud American tradition, the start of the 2015 NFL season is a welcome sight to almost all, and in Pittsburgh it is a return to normalcy. By now fans are just pulling their team's jersey out the closet, but Steelers fans have worn theirs all offseason, switching to their favorite Super Bowl t-shirt when the jersey needs in the washed. Black and Yellow runs through the city's core, so when whistles blew August 26, the first day of training camp, in Latrobe, PA best believe Steeler Nation was present in full support.

Amongst the crowd is Cameraman Nairobi, a native from Pittsburgh's McKeesport region. He observes the Steelers work to surpass an 11-5, AFC North Championship season, especially the early exit from the Playoffs by the Ravens. Training camp is interesting because the team is essentially a puzzle; each piece tinkered with or discarded so the fit results in a championship completion. Perched on the sideline Nairobi captures foreshadows of 2015 Steelers success while highlighting the rise of Martavis Bryant-- third year wide receiver. The Cameraman has tracked Bryant's progress throughout the offseason, which now has him playing alongside Pro Bowler Antonio Brown in an expanded role. Accompanying on-field action shots the photographer supplies great candids of players like punter Brad Wing. Follow Nairobi's coverage of Steelers 2015 training camp on his Instagram and check the team's developments during its first preseason game August 9 against the Vikings.