50 Cent - 9 Shots / by Alex Young

News broke rapper, actor, entrepreneur 50 cent filed for bankruptcy-- his lavish lifestyle only for "entertainment" he said to a Manhattan Supreme Court earlier this summer. Borrowed cars and jewelry tied together Curtis Jackson's popular act. Financial pressure comes from a court ordered $7 million payment in damages to a woman named Lastonia Leviston, as well as a failed headphone venture costing him $18 million. Fees of $25 million and a true net worth of only $4.4 million have 50 in deep water.

Lengths people go to when in need of money range from the creative to the dangerous. Curtis Jackson is now a man who needs money. Luckily, he is also 50 Cent, an artist with a unique passionate sound product of his native South Jamaica, Queens environment. While he is in a different place then he was at the beginning of his career he has felt money's strain before that birthed his "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" work ethic. 50's current situation forces him back to his musical roots in his latest track "9 Shots" accompanied by retro sounds and cinematic music video expressing how one's environment factors in their means of handling desperation. Enjoy the production above.