Will You Sign My Yearbook? / by Alex Young

Ask any Ad man the key components to good advertising and surely one they mention is striking emotion through relatability.

Remember on the last day of school when everybody received their yearbooks and ran frantic through the halls stopping at every person they saw asking them to sign it? "H.A.G." (Have A Great Summer!) in rainbow markers adorned every page while teachers and best friends touched on inside jokes and personal well wishes as summer began. Once your crush made their mark the pursuit was over.

British menswear label Brutus captures the nostalgia and excitement this moment brings in its latest campaign shot by Lydia Garnett in the Isle of Wight on the eve of summer break. Instead of signing yearbooks best friends Brody, Jody, and Katie write their cheerful messages on each other's shirts-- uniform short-sleeved button downs crafted by Brutus. The concept featured in Accent Magazine highlights the brand's timeless aesthetic it has represented for 50 years in its garments (and is smartly debuted just in time for back to school).