Jaden Smith Freestyles We are All Individuals on Soulection Radio Show / by Alex Young

The beauty of Apple Music lies in the nooks and crannies of the streaming service. For instance, artists' Connect profiles, essentially Apple's exclusive social networking platform. Or the diverse offering of curated radio shows. Along with the likes of OVOSound and Dr. Dre's The Pharmacy, Soulection-- a Los Angeles collective of producers and DJs like Sángo and esta-- hosts a set every Saturday featuring The Sound of Tomorrow. Progressive, introspective, and fluid vibes describe Soulection so support by Jaden Smith is not unexpected. But, certainly welcome after recently expounding upon his "misfit" movement, calling it individualism fused with collaborative spirit. He stopped by Joe Kay's Soulection show on Beats 1 over the weekend to deliver a freestyle over Mr. Carmack's "1994" instrumental; the song expands Jaden's message encouraging everyone to find themselves through self expression-- listen below.