Choo Jackson and Daily Bread Present "Forever Kool Fried Chicken" / by Alex Young

From "Time Spent with Choo Jackson," readers learned that Daily Bread, a lifestyle brand stationed in Pittsburgh, Pa., was "one of the first companies to promote Choo and expand his creative image" locally in the 'Burgh and nationally. Daily Bread uses the rapper in clothing look books, print deliverables, and they even host events for Choo and other rappers in the steel city.

The streetwear clothier, concert promoter, and skate team now develops their working relationship with Foreverkool Records' Choo Jackson. As partners, Choo and Daily Bread collaborate to present "Forever Kool Fried Chicken," a T-shirt range inspired by Choo's real life experiences flipping and frying chicken.

Blue, gray, and yellow color the tees which are nostalgic wearables that reflect on Choo's time in the food business in Chambersburg, Pa, also known as Chillinburg. The T-shirts are the first time the musician has provided merchandise for his fans. They also smartly draw attention to Choo's upcoming project with Sledgren of Taylor Gang, "Pray 4 The Best."

Additionally, "Forever Kool Fried Chicken" collection is limited to 100 shirts and will be followed by the "Back From Texas" collection, an offering of hats adorned with lyrics from Choo's hit song.

Shop "Forever Kool Fried Chicken" at Choo or Daily Bread's web-store here and here