InTheRough T-Shirt / by Alex Young

Supporting people in positive endeavors is important. Showing support means an acknowledgment of one's efforts and mission. This respect demonstrates in many ways, like buying a product or service, giving your presence at an event, talking about a work and sharing it, or sporting a crafted garment.

Through different forms, InTheRough supports an ambitious and artistic, creative community. Mainly, ITR's writings under "Life's Goods" and "Music" comments on people's imagination, ingenuity, and spirit that drives them to create experiences and products for the world to enjoy. ITR speaks on details, emotions, processes, and significances each creation and creator embodies.

As InTheRough develops in our fifth year, what we write becomes more thorough, and what we deliver to our readers and supporters becomes more diverse.

To this point, much of what ITR offers is digital, besides the cards, stickers, and personal experiences between artists. Now, completing a goal, ITR and the staff offer free T-Shirts here for people to wear.

The shirts' graphic was created and printed in-house by Lanie Edwards, Alex Hersh, JR Walker, Quaishawn Whitlock, Alex Young, and Max Young. Dark green, berry and black colors are available. The design speaks to Life's Goods, the things that evoke pure emotion. These shirts are a reminder to enjoy all of Life's Goods.

There is no fee for these tees because we appreciate everyone's support over the years. People's promotion and readership of InTheRough had a hand in pushing us to this point.

More is coming from InTheRough Style.