Creatives Ale - A Beer for Every Street / by Alex Young

The pair who throws free events with free alcoholic beverages takes the next step in their curated experience. Chancelor Humphrey and Cody Baker of Creatives Drink, the networking function doubled as a party, supply their own beer.

While the Creatives Drink series connects Pittsburgh's youthful generation with local businesses, especially distilleries, crafting their own liquor is a "no brainer expansion," Chance says in an interview on the latest episode of Drinking Partners podcast.

In collaboration with War Streets Brewery, opening soon on the Mexican War Streets of Pittsburgh, Creatives Drink offers Creatives Ale. The special red ale is brewed and packaged in minimal quantities and aims to "introduce [the public] to local liquor and beer," Cody says in the podcast. The breweries, distilleries, and wineries that Creatives Drink will work with will handle the alcohol, but Chance and Cody will handle the marketing aspect. Creatives Label controls how people perceive what they drink.

Chance and Cody try to inspire people to do something of their own in addition to offering experiences and products that showcase the best of Pittsburgh.

"If you have an idea just follow the steps to do it," Chance says. "This idea for the Creatives Label is a huge leap in a new direction. Creatives Ale can be and probably will be in bars in three or four months," Cody says.

People can sip Creatives Ale at Creatives Drink 7 (T.B.A.) or at LOCAL on the Rocks, a cocktail competition, on October 6. Also, listen to episode 88 of Drinking Partners podcast with Chance and Cody where the CD duo spill details on their new branch of Creatives Drink, Voyage, which is a party on a yacht with upscale liquor like D'Usse.

War Streets Brewery

1416 Arch Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15212