Post 9 To 5 Thoughts Pixburgh Playboy Cap / by Alex Young

Nine to five is a time frame during which some people grind professionally in corporate America. The eight work hours consume a good portion of the day. Sometimes after work, some people slip into a trap where they do not explore life outside the office. Sometimes, their daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. becomes unadventurous. It is easy for some people to fall into the same routine with no deviation day in and day out.

Post 9 a.m. To 5 p.m. Thoughts is the antithesis of this mentality. The after hours company is overseen by Pittsburgh-based stylish forces Pixburghcam and Yunngchi who express creative and cultural stimulation.

A quick browse on the two's socials here and here, and people can see how contemporary and past icons in fashion, music, and sport inspire their design aesthetic. Supreme, Dr. Dre, the Pirates, and Michael Jordan mesh in an Instagram post by Cam. Proudly, high fashion interchanges with streetwear, like an image of Louis Vuitton seat cushions attached to old paint buckets or a coffee table book tributing Bape's creator Nigo. A similar taste also applies to Yunng. See him study LeBron James' massive Nike advertisement for Cleveland or wear Carol Christian Poell, an unorthodox fashion label, matched with Nigo's Human Made. In their time, both Pixburghcam and Yunngchi celebrate a knowledgeable and specific niche of popular culture.

For Post 9 To 5 Thoughts, the designers work the classic Pittsburgh Pirates hat into something sexy. In two versions, a blue or white Playboy logo fills in the open space of the "P" on the black snapback hat. Officially called the "Pixburgh Playboy Cap," each order comes packaged with Playboy magazines cut from the 1970s. Use of the bunny from the men's entertainment company suggests a wondrous sex appeal around the city.

Get right and shop the hats here, although the blue bunny seems to have sold out from demand. For more on Post 9 a.m. To 5 p.m. Thoughts follow Pixburghcam and Yunngchi on Twitter.