Cool Things Happening at Uptown Art House / by Maxwell Young

Travis setting up the light filters.  Photograph by Maxwell Young

Travis setting up the light filters.  Photograph by Maxwell Young

Art work by  Marc Bryant .

Art work by Marc Bryant.

Every time you walk into Uptown Art House, you're liable to find new installation pieces and contraptions or catch it amidst a cosmetic transformation. Camille and Niles Parker designed a DJ booth and projection walls for their techniclored-event, 'Hue Lounge,' featuring DJs Naive Nebula, Kno I'm Not, Romero, Atanga and Bast who formulate their creative collective. Resident artist at the Art House Maps Glover, has been busy constructing several performance art pieces, while Yacine Fall and Sarah Craft have installed a metal hanging apparatus, as they conceptualize an upcoming show.  Mensa Kondo has popped in-and-out of the space continuing to progress his vibrant mural, as other paintings from Marc Bryant and an evolving array of graffiti tags have manifested inside the space.

Nate G and  Naive Nebula  photographed by Maxwell Young.

Nate G and Naive Nebula photographed by Maxwell Young.

Uptown Art House is a multi-disciplinary venue.  Whether attending a weekend event falling into a sensory experience of light projection and experimental sounds or walking into a boutique of Native American jewelry, the various disciplines of art and cultural expression are evident here.  Last month not only featured a performance by April + Vista, but D.C. thrift-retailer Earl's Closet hosted a vintage shopping event at the Art House.  There's no intent to slow down the space's programming as co-directors Jamal Gray and Sebi Medina-Tayac have committed to Uptown Art House until January 2018.  Take a look at a number of the events taking place at the Art House this August.

1. August 11th, 7-11pm, $5- A Period of Appreciation: a Solo Exhibition by Maya Sun

Visitors to the Art House may have already seen some of resident artist Maya Sun's work, as she was integral to Maps Glover's art piece, 'Home' during Dawkins and April + Vista's show last month.  Her solo exhibition attempts to amplify the bondage of self and mind, peeling through present and past constructs created by self, sexuality, love, womanhood and blackness.  Sun welcomes us to her inner-working through a range of different media.

2. August 12th, 7-11pm, $10- Dawkins, Dreamcast, Leach, Crue

A Dawkins band member checks out the aluminum TV set during their event last month. Photograph by Maxwell Young 

A Dawkins band member checks out the aluminum TV set during their event last month. Photograph by Maxwell Young 

Dawkins and Dreamcast are familiar faces to the Art House, having already performed groovy sets here this summer.  The latter you can also hear on ITR's Sounds of D.C. playlist. OTHERFEELS a DMV-based artist collective and blog is bringing these artists back this Saturday along with Leach and Crue.  Visual projection mapping will be on display as well as physical and performance art.

3. August 13th, 7-11pm, $5- XK Scenario Homecoming Tour

Northern Virginia band XK Scenario is returning to the DMV scene following their first northeastern tour.  XK is supported by an A-list bill of D.C.'s budding independent artists such as Canker Blossom, Lies Kill and Jamal Gray as RAYGUNOMICS.

4. August 19th, 5-10pm- The Artist Solidarity Foundation House of Art 2.0: Ways of Healing

Join the ASF and MNM Creative & Underground D.C. for their second iteration of House of Art.  This year's program is dedicated to discovering the various means humans and artists have for healing.  DMV-based artists and vendors will bring their art and participate in the artistic discussion.  There will also be live music of the andean 'folk' and northern Native American singing/drumming varieties, handmade goods and new wave sounds spun by DJs Luchaoso and DJ A-lex.

5. August 20th, 6-9pm- Psychedelics and Art

The D.C. Psychedelic Society exists and boasts a community of around 250 followers on Facebook.  Later this month, they will be exploring the intersection of psychedelics and art.  Local artists including Khalid Thompson, Luke Stewart, Carmen Jackman and Farrah AbuBaker will speak on how psychedelics have impacted their art and life.  Live painting, visual projection and vending by donut shop Glazed & Infuzed will be amongst the list of activities for the night.