Aris Tatalovich's Moment as a Fresh Phenom and Designer / by Alex Young

Donovan Green wearing Aris Tatalovich - photograph by Julian Ranallo

Donovan Green wearing Aris Tatalovich - photograph by Julian Ranallo

Fashion, in the name of progress, offbeat-cool, and community, works and inspires many in Pittsburgh's creative sub-cultures. People like Makayla Wray and John Geiger have stretched their talents beyond the 'burgh's city limits to find footholds in the fashion industry as skilled designers of ready to wear garments.

Aris Tatalovich, an 18-year-old native of Beaver County, Pa., is next to prime himself and his eponymous fashion label for authentic creative audiences worldwide.

Attending the YEEZY Season 5 casting call for New York Fashion Week, styling young rappers like Famous Dex and Kodie Shane, and sitting on the radar of youth icon Ian Connor, Aris is having a moment as a fresh phenom and designer.

Focused on his outputs, Aris has created a spring/summer range, and he has begun pre-orders for his "Missing Pieces" backpack collaboration with Malachai Spivey of New York. The designs and the people who influence the presentation of Aris' designs are impressions of the now youth culture that fuels contemporary media.

For instance, Pittsburgh artists Donovan Green, Julian Ranallo, and Kobe Swank model or photograph the pieces in a way that localizes the current styles that Aris plays on.

The lookbook for Aris' spring/summer collection highlights two-tone green and yellow slacks, knives and compact duffle bags with utility straps, the straps being a concept that carries over to the "Missing Pieces" backpacks with Malachai.

Upon the release of Aris' projects, it would be special to see him become a more relevant figure in popular fashion and lifestyle.