The Illustrators of Sports Lore / by Maxwell Young

The following sets of images are iconic sports photographs and their photographers in honor of Rich Clarkson becoming the first photographer to be honored with a lifetime media award by any of the four major sports halls of fame, and all other revered photographers who helped illustrate sports history.

Rich Clarkson's portrait of Wilt Chamberlain, 1956

Neil Leifer's photograph of Muhammed Ali triumphantly standing over Sonny Liston, 1965

Robert Beck's capture of Brandi Chastain moments after her World Cup clinching penalty kick, 1999

Fernando Medina crystallized Michael Jordan's final shot of his career, 1998 (check the :06.6s remaining on the clock...appropriate)

The Catch by John Storey, 1982 (49ers vs. Cowboys, NFC Championship Game)

Heinz Kluetmeier,1980 "...DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? YES!"

"I know so many photographers that are as intelligent and astute at understanding what they’re doing and what their picture is saying as some really fine writers."

- Rich Clarkson