The Fantastic Four Reboot / by Maxwell Young

From rumors and tweets by actor, Michael B. Jordan, fans of Marvel's Fantastic Four franchise have known about its impending return for quite some time.  Today, fans received a sneak-peek to the reboot as 20th Century Fox released the official teaser trailer on YouTube.  Set to hit theaters on August 7th, Marvel's original and longest-running superhero team is based around a youthful infusion of Hollywood talent.  Project X's Miles Teller, House of Cards' Kate Mara, Academy Award nominee Michael B. Jordan, and Jumper's Jaime Bell will play the iconic Mr. Fantastic, Susan Storm, The Human Torch, and The Thing characters respectively.  The modern twist on the revitalized series features this young band of outsiders on an alternate universe, which alters their physical form in extraordinary ways.  Much like in the previous iterations, the Fantastic Four must harness their abilities to save Earth from Dr. Doom.  Check out the trailer below and stay tuned with InTheRough for future trailer releases.