"TWO HUNDRED" Collection by farESH Brand Praises Pixburgh History / by Alex Young

Pittsburgh celebrates its rich history achieved by all of the people who have called the city home. Regarding the arts, government or sports, anything in Pittsburgh has prideful supporters. For 200 years, the city's natives and transplants remain a part of a community simply by residing in The 'Burgh.

Proving to be a valued member of the community, local lifestyle label farESH Brand champions the city with a new clothing collection. Titled "TWO HUNDRED," farESH's fall range for 2016 commemorates the bicentennial of Pittsburgh.

Specifically, "TWO HUNDRED" combs the figurative archives and keys in on past and present cultural influences. In particular, farESH Brand recognizes Revolutionary War soldier Ebenezer Denny as a Pittsburgh hero for being the city's first mayor. Black and gray baseball jerseys feature in the new collection with Denny's last name stitched on the back with bicentennial patches on the front left chest.

Nicknames are important here, too. They reference the culture of the city which is affected by its geographic location, production, or slang. "The Paris of Appalachia" adorns the front of a white fleece jacket and Pittsburgh's seal hits on the back. The phrase "comes from the fact that Pittsburgh is the largest metropolitan city that is part of the Appalachian Mountains," Ryan Brown, creative director of farESH, says. Also, in current and previous work from farESH, the brand successfully applies "Pixburgh" to their movement to represent a united and unique bunch. The term is "a play on the city's accent... Growing up, that's how we stylized the name," Jimmy Schaffer, a local photographer enlisted to shoot the collection's lookbook, says.

Back of The Paris of Appalachia fleece Jacket

Back of The Paris of Appalachia fleece Jacket

"farESH Brand has always embraced the variety of culture, music, and art that the city has to offer," Schaffer continues.

To that end, the "TWO HUNDRED" lookbook features those who participate in Pixburgh's creative community along with Schaffer. For instance, hip-hop artist Tucker Pillsbury, a.k.a. Dillis, models the streetwear, like hats and T-shirts that praise the city's "152XX" zipcode. Creative phenom, artist Mathias Rushin models the clothing with Dillis, and locals Brendyn Irvin, Greg Scelp, and Gabe Searles assist in the visuals and styling of the lookbook.

While farESH utilizes a cast who advocate for creativity in Pixburgh, the city is "very collaborative. It seems like people are working to build the city as a mass, not individuals," Dillis says.

Fundamentally, farESH Brand's "TWO HUNDRED" collection has the respect for the 200 years the city has thrived. "Pittsburgh has grown to be a more diverse and forward thinking city... It would be amazing to look back even in 10 years and see where the city heads and to see the work that my peers and myself put in to make the city better," RB says.

"TWO HUNDRED" is a reflection of Pixburgh's progress, which farESH Brand makes tangible in the form of wearables. For those interested, shop the collection here and use the code "ITR" upon your purchase for 10% off your bill.

View the full lookbook below.