John Geiger Joins The Burgh Boyz Podcast / by Alex Young

Photo via  @nikgeiger2  Instagram

Photo via @nikgeiger2 Instagram

Shout out to interview maestro Quentin Cuff for asking designer John Geiger the right questions to get him talking game on episode 25 of The Burgh Boyz podcast. Geiger spoke about his work at the Nike campus, living in Miami, trading sneakers with 2 Chainz, and more. Cool tidbits and anecdotes drop throughout the interview session. Of note, Geiger said he and Nike are “working on something for 2018.”

Entertain yourself. Listen to the new The Burgh Boyz episode with Cuff, DJ Motormane, and DJ Spillz featuring DJ Solo Dolo and Geiger (23:14).

Quentin Cuff: I know that you really hoop... and if anyone looks this up on YouTube, there's a crazy video of Geiger fighting somebody in the middle of a game.

John Geiger: Yeah, the [2003] state championship game.