Glow End Theory 003 / by Maxwell Young

Between 1966 and 1967, Andy Warhol was the maestro of a series of multimedia shows called Exploding Plastic Inevitable.  The simultaneity of musical performances by The Velvet Underground and Nico, dance and theatrical choreography by the creative regulars of Warhol's Factory, and screenings of the Pittsburgh native's revealing films created a dynamic sensual environment new to performance art.  Glow End Theory, a series of events that empowers and shines a light on the women of color in the art/music scene around D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, is a contemporary version of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable multimedia experience. 

Founded by Jamal Gray, bandleader of DC's Nag Champa Art Ensemble, this past Thursday's Glow End Theory was organized by CMPVTR CLVB, a collective of creative acts who influence the DC and New York electronic music scenes through underground parties and shows.  Between the sixteen contributors of CMPVTR CLVB, like Robb Smokes who has done production for lineformation MILF and Quannumthrow who conducted the visual display for the night's event, there are a variety of creative identities expressed in the collective's individual performances. The third iteration of Glow End Theory, with sounds by DJ Little Bacon Bear, Jessicunt, Kryptk and Tomi Yeyo--also a member of CMPVTR CLVB--hit Black Cat on DC's 14th Street.  Meche Korrect, one of the performers from Glow End Theory 002, hosted the show as alem worldwide, Joy Postell, and Alex Vaughn shared songs from their recent projects too.

"The future is women," Vaughn said as she warmed up her vocals.

From the Women's March that unified 470,000 people in solidarity on the streets of  the U.S. capital to an event that catered to the creative expressions of African American women, we must respect and listen to the talents and voices from women's youth.

For a closer look at the female artists who have performed at Glow End Theory, follow their Facebook page or shoot them an email at to be included in their newsletter.  CMPVTR CLVB's website is also a place to explore the images and music of the collective's members.

Stay tuned for details on the next Glow End Theory.

Black Cat DC

1811 14th St. NW

Washington, DC 20009

Photograph by Maxwell Young

Photograph by Maxwell Young