Hilltopolis Preview / by Alex Young

People were elated when The Cool Kids, an elite rap duo comprised of Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks of Chicago, announced last summer that they would officially reunite. Last Friday, Inglish and Rocks delighted fans even more with the release of their first album, "Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe," since their 2011 output "When Fish Ride Bicycles."

Now, the news gets better. Thanks to Work Hard Pittsburgh, a cooperatively owned and operated business incubator, underground giants The Cool Kids visit the 'Burgh for a concert on Friday, September 22, 2017.

To match the cooperative effort of Work Hard Pittsburgh, key partners collaborate on the concert officially called Hilltopolis. Drinking Partners Podcast emcee the event. Creatives Drink, a free networking event disguised as a turn-up, hosts the pregame party and the afterparty. Cody Baker and Chancelor Humphrey will throw the C.D. afterparty in a warehouse 30 minutes after The Cool Kids leave the Hilltopolis stage in Grandview Park located between Mount Washington and Allentown. C.D.'s resident DJ Pete Butta will spin the tracks.

Further, emerging local stars Pk Delay and Pet Zebra are the opening acts for Inglish and Rocks. Both Delay and Zebra steadily make names for themselves in the 'Burgh and elsewhere with their entertainment value. Recently, they visited Morgantown, W. VA. to open for rapper Riff Raff.

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Most importantly, Hilltopolis is a charity event. Tickets are free, but Hilltopolis advertising encourages attendees to "pay what you want." All proceeds benefit Brashear Kids, a non-profit which supports citizen education and community improvement.

Get tickets here and come to Hilltopolis prepared to celebrate "social innovation through music and activism."


330-332 Bailey Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15211

Creatives Drink Afterparty

829 Industry St. 

Pittsburgh, PA 15210