I.G. Funnymen / by Alex Young

You can really use the Instagram app like a TV show. Some accounts keep you coming back because you want to tune in to your own version of the Kardashians. Flack, Glasshead and SweetBaby DayDay are the hottest shows on Instagram. Immediate digital culture lets us digest their quick, funny clips. NVSV (NASA), a producer and rapper from the Library Collaborative in Pittsburgh's South Hills, calls their video I.G. posts "commercials."

The content is nutty, witty and makes you shake your head as you hold back laughter because it's so stupid.

Flack's storylines with his toddler size action figure Ricardo are good enough for the silver screen. He appeals to the culture in an obnoxiously accurate way. After the Instagram comedian Shiggy went viral for his #DoTheShiggy to Drake's "In My Feelings" song, Flack mocked the trend. London Yellow, Glasshead founder, and rapper Ahsé did the same with their obnoxious twist of Drake's song. The comedy in the clips is that they only make us appreciate the relief the entertainers like Drake or Flack and Glasshead give us.

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Glasshead and SweetBaby DayDay go hand-in-hand. Glasshead, the rap crew, which DayDay is part of, doubles as a media company, so they are self-sufficient. They promote their music with dazzling effects in videos, but also self-degradation comedy. SweetBaby DayDay put out this series called "Lost In The Woods." It's delirium. "Mumble Comic" Vinay Umapathy and London Yellow join DayDay in the foolery. On Day 30 DayDay and the Mumble Comic, the name of Umapathy's latest stand-up comedy tape, are listening to a tree with wired headphones. Mad.

Everybody in this post deserves more coverage, so watch for more documents on them here, especially as we talk to Flack during our episode of The Burgh Boyz with DJ Motormane and DJ Spillz on August 7.

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