Reminisce with Kubi, watch "I Miss L.A," a home movie / by Maxwell Young

Washington, D.C.—In case you missed it, DMV-based photographer Kubi released a ten-minute home movie feeling nostalgic of his time in Los Angeles circa summer 2018.

We’re familiar with his film work as he came through Uptown Art House to capture the raw, underground vibe that was present the night of Khan, Wifigawd, and Trip Dixon performances last year. Peruse his Instagram to find his trademark Cowgirl photos—undoubtedly friends, models, creatives, and strangers, too—fitted in varying cowboy boots and hats. Plus, his lens has caught a who’s-who of District creatives, framing the scene in a distinct visual context.

Kubi’s videography is eye-catching, though, because he uses fonts and graphics that are reminiscent of a Windows 2005 digital era. In “I Miss L.A,” quick cuts of intimate moments with friends and beach buds inform this abstract diary while distortions and iridescent filters heighten the level of indulgence and enjoyment evident in his West coast adventure.

Perhaps the most compelling component of the video, in my opinion, is the music. “No Time” featuring Gunna by Playboi Carti is one of the more euphoric sounds on Die Lit. It accentuates the beginning of Kubi’s movie—a sense of arrival and renewal. He never leaves this wavelength, running through cuts of Astroworld, more Carti, and The Weekend who highlights one of Kubi’s heartfelt moments along the shoreline.

You have to wonder if a permanent Los Angeles transition is imminent for Kubi Cowboy. Is he a man of the Wild West? Watch the video above for a pleasurable moment in your day.