Kehlani x Mr. Carmack - All In #songsfromscratch by Alex Young

Oakland, California's golden girl, Kehlani Parrish continues her wave of influence with a new song. This time around the 20 year-old, fresh off a record deal with Atlantic on May 6th sparked by success from her You Should Be Here album, partners with friend and Soulection-linked producer Mr. Carmack for a song called "All In"-- part of the original series Songs From Scratch by lifestyle music blog Yours Truly and adidas originals. The pair draws on shared dating troubles to inspire their song, as Kehlani reveals in the track's accompanying interview, "in relationships there's like no in between. Its either all in or nothing," a valuable lesson because no success comes without 100% effort. "All In" provides a perfect example of artists effortlessly using life experience to drive a relevant creative commentary. Enjoy visuals and the music from Kehlani and Mr. Carmack's studio session below.