InTheRough Gallery for Life's Goods by Alex Young

Today, InTheRough celebrates the opening of "Gallery"-- a space where consumers can browse and purchase selections of art. Gallery compliments ITR's "Life's Goods" and "Projects" pages because it offers tangible creations that comment on popular culture. The marketplace place houses work by multiple artists leaving endless possibilities to what specifically is and will be sold in the future. Gallery will open and close as InTheRough works to showcase new, unique products.

First to display in Gallery is Amani Davis of Kamili and Alex of InTheRough presenting a range of illustration and photography prints. Gallery's first exhibition comes on the cusp of Kamili, an art exhibition that re-purposed wood from torn down Pittsburgh neighborhoods. ITR's work with Amani and Hannibal Hopson now allows the opportunity for a space dedicated to the sale of art.

Amani comes to Gallery with colorful 11x17in illustration prints influenced by hip hop music's current atmosphere. The pieces recognize musicians' popularity as well as their rambunctious lifestyle. While Amani's pieces are pointed, there is an abstract quality that characterizes the illustrations, particularly in "Thuggin Noise".

In documenting Life's Goods for InTheRough, Alex finds he has amassed many photographs of his Pittsburgh environment and images inviting to the eye. He adds an intriguing 16x20 photograph print capturing the city's David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

On July 25th Alex, Amani, and Hannibal took to Pittsburgh's Hamilton Ave where a building covered in pink served as the backdrop to show Gallery's pieces. The area's painted walls substituted for any basic white or black background, the physical gallery we crafted in the building's parking lot  serves as the visuals consumers will see in Gallery. Explore the exhibit here.