GoldLink added to GO:OD AM's pro team by Alex Young

Last week GoldLink announced he will accompany Mac on his GO:OD AM tour starting in October. No doubt he will add a lively energy to the stage and atmosphere, so if you can make any of the shows don't pass up the experience. Showing out and introducing himself to those who didn't know him prior to the tour release, he and producer Louie Lastic teamed up on single "Movin' On". Lastic, also a DMV native, backed two of the hottest tracks on Link's debut album, and samples 2Pac's "I Get Around" to add a much needed bounce to the end of summer melancholy. Link's delivery is strong and unique, and his post-dub production style should have a home in any back to work and school playlist. 

Along with GoldLink, Mac has Domo Genesis and Tory Lanez accompanying him on his 55 venue warpath. There's serious artillery here. Tory Lanez just murdered the 5 Fingers on Sway last week, and Domo has more than some experience killing it with his involvement in OF and his notable solo Under The Influence mixtape series. So to be very clear, crystal ball clear, visine clear, this is the concert to go to this fall. Diverse flows and just an honor for craftsmanship and detail, they will leave a trail of bodies in their wake. Check below for a playlist featuring ITR's favorite tracks of these artists.

GoldLink & Falcons- Vroom by Maxwell Young

One of my favorite aspects about the music industry is the ability to observe the maturation of artists.  One winter, an artist like Chance the Rapper is known by only a few, yet by the next year his name is being plastered across GQ issues.

If you have not yet heard of GoldLink, don't worry, you're about to.  The Washington D.C.-based rapper has garnered a following through his genre-bending sounds.  If his unique voice isn't enough to peak your interest, GoldLink draws inspiration from the Go-Go music subculture that has been prevalent in D.C. for quite some time, as well as the deep-house music vibes that add the futuristic bounce to any of his tracks.  Below, is his most recent track, "Vroom."  A collaborative effort with Athletixx producer, Falcons (who you should also check out), has yielded another abstract song that bridges the gap between hip hop and dance music.  If you like what you hear, check out our curated GoldLink playlist, which features songs from his latest project, God Complex.