Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko Legitimizes "Post to Be" by Maxwell Young

I wasn't sure how the addition of Jhene Aiko to Omarion's "Post to Be" would change the song's dynamic.  Having listened to it multiple times (and loved it), I can say that without Jhene Aiko, Omarion's track "Post to Be" flies under the radar, regardless of the DJ Mustard beat.  The combination of Omarion and Chris Brown classifies the song under the pop R&B genre, which has proliferated over mainstream radio waves.  With just Omarion and Chris Brown, the song doesn't really offer anything fresh to the category--it's merely a capitalization on the commodity that is DJ Mustard.  As per usual, the production is up to snuff with Mustard's growing portfolio of club-bangers; however, I find the addition of Aiko's sensual voice in order to differentiate this song from the already over-saturated genre to be particularly evident.  You can check out the video to "Post to Be" above, and if you're wondering what new sounds Omarion has been working on, you can purchase his latest album Sex Playlist here.