Leonardo DiCaprio

The Revenant Starring Leonardo DiCaprio by Alex Young

Leonardo DiCaprio is in search of an elusive Oscar from the Academy Awards. While he has starred in a number of films that received Oscars for Best Picture, like Titanic in 1997 and The Departed in 2007, the Academy has yet to acknowledge DiCaprio's individual excellence. However, fans and film buffs know the actor is capable of reaching the mountaintop-- use his five nominations for Best Actor as evidence, the last thanks to a greedy, cheat named Jordan Belfort. When asked in a 2014 interview just before the 86th Academy Awards, "How much would you love to win that Oscar?" DiCaprio very politically responds, "One thing I've learned a long time ago is you have absolutely no control of that... All you could do is really try your best." There is no sense in worrying about things he cannot control, but viewers sense his disappointment each time he falls short.

"Try, try and try again," I imagine adorns one of DiCaprio's walls in his living quarters. His next shot at Best Actor will come via the film The Revenant directed by Academy Award-winner Alejandro González Iñárritu. The picture tells the tale of frontiersman Hugh Glass (played by DiCaprio), a fur trapper now tagged as a folk hero due to his mid-winter, cross-country trek after being mauled by a bear that he kills. Modern interpretation has Glass's friend John Fitzgerald (played by Tom Hardy) abandon him and kill his son after the bear attack, forcing Glass to seek revenge.

See The Revenant on December 25 in limited theatres and on January 7, 2016 when it receives a wider release. Enjoy the trailer above.