Listen to Madonna's New Singles Featuring Nas and Chance the Rapper by Maxwell Young

Madonna is no stranger to the rap scene.  In past albums such as Hard Candy, we have heard her masterful integration and collaboration with some of hip hop's most popular artists, including Kanye West and Timbaland in songs like, "4 Minutes" and "Beat Goes On".  Continuing to showcase her versatility in a changing music industry, Madonna has teamed up with OG rap legend, Nas, in the making of "Veni Vidi Vici".  The four minute and thirty-nine second track features a nice combination of that classic club snare and the heavy bass line that has become prevalent throughout today's hip hop production.  Madonna's talent is evident as she spits a fire sixteen before transitioning into the sing-songy chorus "I came. I saw. I conquered."  This isn't the only hip hop number on her upcoming Rebel Heart album that releases on March 10, though.  In fact, released in late January was her single "Iconic" featuring Chance the Rapper.  Check out both singles below as we patiently wait for Madonna's return.