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Choo Jackson - Broken Hearts Make Money (Album) by Alex Young

Subcultures of cities speak to diversification of ideas and the many people inhabiting the area. No matter the destination music always provides a vibrant, relevant, and meaningful scene transitioning from genre to genre. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is no different and while Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller serve as the town's landmarks, the current culture is examined through contemporaries like Choo Jackson. The Remember Music affiliate operates in The Burgh's collaborative environment crafting a unique sound for himself using other talents the city offers. Yesterday Choo's Broken Hearts Make Money album released boasting a truthful narrative on emotion and his constant grind. Pittsburghers like producer Christo, ID Labs, and even Mac Miller on "HD" strengthen the rapper's sound. Take a listen to BHM$ in full below and catch Choo on September 20 at Stage AE with Mac Miller.