Valued: A Speaker for the Music Enthusiast by Maxwell Young

val·ue (ˈvalyo͞o), noun. the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth or, usefulness of something. 

Source: Google 

Welcome to a new component of InTheRough.  Whether it be the shoes we wear, the coffee (or tea) we drink, or the books we read, consumers place a value on the products we buy and the activities we engage in every single day.  Rooted in aesthetic and functionality, Valued is merely the illustration of the essentials we at InTheRough and fellow creatives alike rely upon in our Goods-filled endeavors.

The desire to listen and discover music also stimulates a curiosity to understand the way in which it is heard.  The medium in which music is perceived is just as important as the actual activity itself.  Great speakers, whether they be in your home, car, headphones, or on-the-go, execute an audial presence that encompasses the full range of human hearing.  The "better sounding" speakers are those that not only consider execution but the synthesis of material and design; science and art. 

For young or traveling audiophiles, portability is key.  A functional speaker that carries high quality, high fidelity sound in a work space, apartment, dorm room, or even outdoors is the goal.  The Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker is intriguing in its design while packing the clarity and volume to entertain the necessary vibes of large group settings or relaxing Sunday afternoons.  While great sounding speakers can come at an expensive price, audiophiles can find well executed models at a wide price range.  If you are in the market for speakers, the Soundlink Mini can be purchased here and don't forget to check out the accompanying visuals.