URLA Brand featuring Cozz and Tha Committee by Alex Young

Cozz for URLA Brand

Cozz for URLA Brand

Underrated Los Angeles, more popularly known as URLA, is a lifestyle clothing brand originating in Los Angeles, Ca.

URLA's moniker and mission is an exposé of sorts, as the brand showcases, highlights, and promotes a class of artists undiscovered or underappreciated in the Los Angeles area and beyond. The creative forces, be them rappers or models, join URLA brand in projects such as collaborative t-shirts and lookbooks. URLA uses its website and social media platforms to feature the works, and then visibility is increased by the garments' real world implementation like on stage at live music shows.

For instance, in the past, California rapper Murs (Making the Universe Recognize and Submit or Making Underground Raw Shit), collaborated with URLA on multiple t-shirts, like "The Youth Have The Power," "Everybody Is Somebody," and the most recent "Three Sixteen" capsule. (Listen to his song called "No Shots" with producer 9th Wonder and Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller.)

Additionally, the latest collection and collaboration from URLA cannot go overlooked. The streetwear label's new range of products, consisting of branded beanies, dad caps and a long sleeve logo T-shirt, are modeled by rap group Tha Committee, front manned by Cody Macc, aka Cozz from Dreamville Records. The clothing and lookbook release comes roughly two weeks after Cozz dropped his latest mixtape, Nothin Personal. MEEZ, the tape's executive producer, and Correy C, who appeared on Revenge of the Dreamers II, are also featured in the curated visuals. 

Underrated Los Angeles' brand execution, the partnership with relevant artists, and promotions underline the up and coming talents people need to take notice of. Through its clothing collections, URLA shows appreciation to the art and the culture at face value.

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Rihanna Ever the Trendsetter by Maxwell Young

I bet we see more pink silhouettes filtering into the lines of fashion designers and labels.  Why? Because Rihanna.  

Over the past several days, RiRi has been strutting around New York City promoting the upcoming animated movie, Home, as well as her concept album, which serves as the movie's soundtrack.  If Rihanna's Giambattista Valli pink pouf gown for the 2015 Grammys wasn't telling enough, head-to-toe tonal pink outfits have been a recent staple for the Barbadian songstress.  Above, Rihanna sports a pink barbie suit and fur scarf--cautionary to the unpredictable weather transition from winter to spring--as well as a Sean John tracksuit that is reminiscent of the early 2000s hip hop scene.

It's interesting how cyclical trends can be.  I look at denim shirts, baggy pants, and clip-on sunglasses and wonder why I feel so nostalgic.  The truth is, my earliest memories of clothing and fashion in general were around these trends during the late 1990s and early 2000s.  If anything, fashion is not just a form of self expression, but a way of holding on to precious past memories. 

Home, the DreamWorks animated film is set to debut on March 27th.  Check out the trailer here.