Uber Redesigns Logo by Maxwell Young

For six short years, we've been able to discern the Uber Technolgies logo by the metallic silver "U"s stuck on the windows of countless Uber Xs and XLs that have reimagined how we get from point A to point B.

As of yesterday, the company has changed its iconography for a graphic less conservative. Colorful and abstract, the logo redefines the company's image as something more comprehensive than a ride-sharing service.

The brand new logo, which will appear on updated versions of the mobile application, is based off of the bit and atom, two of the most important developments in human history.  According to their video that unveiled the logo redesign, the bit, the smallest unit of data in a computer, signifies the complex and advanced technologies Uber is using to express an effortless and refined logistics platform.  The atom, or the basic unit of a chemical element, which is present in everything, represents the rapidly expanding cities the company operates in as well as the goods they serve. 

In an attempt to appear less aggressive and overpowering in international markets where Uber threatens to displace taxi drivers, the redesign will allow each regional arm of the company to have its own country-specific color and pattern palettes alongside five global visuals.

Whether it be cost effective transportation with UberPool or their foray into delivering fresh food to your doorstep with UberEats, Uber is constantly thinking about human interaction in society.  The artistic translation of opaque electron clouds represented by the hues of blue and the rendition of binary code symbols reinforces Uber's role in the physical world as the intersection of technology and lifestyle meets logistics. 

Time will tell if the new Uber icons are synonymous with the brand, like the classic "U" symbol.  In the meantime, check out the company's video highlighting its newest adjustment here.