Note Number 3: Drake featuring Beyoncé & Sal Houdini - Can I / by Alex Young

The world goes crazy when Drake drops a new song. Everything shuts down when its Drake AND Beyoncé. Between 10 and 11pm, May 20th, a SoundCloud account called "OVO Unruly" released Drizzy's new song "Can I", which features Queen Bey and an artist named Sal Houdini. Shortly after Houdini posted a screenshot on Instagram with a caption basically stating he released the song on accident. Nobody can find the SoundCloud link and it was nixed from the blogoshpere. Unfortunately, in this day and age once a leaked song hits the Internet it is there forever (especially when a snippet released earlier this week). Regardless, "Can I" could be featured on Drake's upcoming Views From the 6 album or another project, for now just enjoy it.