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Songs for a Mosh Pit at Creatives Drink 10 (Playlist) by Alex Young


Pittsburgh could have a rage on its hands. The city’s hottest rappers have a chance to rock a notable venue with mosh pits and good energy from a packed audience. Music will motivate people to attend the show on July 25, 2019, thanks to Creatives Drink 10— a free-of-charge culture consumption fair.

Cody Baker and Chancelor Humphrey, the founders of Creatives Drink, repeatedly create environments conducive to positive interactions with cool people and businesses to consumers.

With music at the forefront this time, they partnered with music sharing database Songlink for a local artist showcase where Pittsburgh hip-hop has a place to celebrate. Other local aspects of C.D. 10 are compelling, like the event’s sponsorship by streetwear stalwart Shop412, or the funny hosts Drinking Partners. The potential energy already emanating from this event just off the musical star power highlights here though.

Flyer by  Hounds

Flyer by Hounds

Rappers like Pk Delay, My Favorite Color and Slicky Williams should navigate their catalogs to present themselves and excite the crowd. Fans should hear Choo Jackson’s upcoming hit, “Chevy.” LiveFromTheCity has an opportunity to back up his statement as the best rapper in the ‘Burgh. Benji., Clara Kent and Mars Jackson should create a winning streak tying together sold-out hometown shows at acclaimed venues such as Stage AE for C.D. 10. The co-founder of Soulection Andre Power will headline a DJ set too.

Listen to this playlist to anticipate the event. The selection is charged with a party in mind where mosh pits open up and we all smash together in a ring of fun when the bass drops. Every C.D. 10 artist in the showcase features on the playlist, so let the party ensue.

After Livefromthecity Said He's Lit, Pk Delay Said He’ll Extinguish Him by Alex Young


PITTSBURGH— Rapper Livefromthecity Tweeted he was the best rap emcee in the city on March 2.

On March 3, Livefromthecity followed his statement with a track called “Offseason (Balling For No Reason).” The hook has a line, “Lit like Bic, they charge me with arson.” Live hits the basketball reference with, “23, way too many rings. MVP, that’s in every league.” His confidence booms.

After the Tweet and “Offseason” release, the following days provided many responses from the hip-hop community. Some supported Livefromthecity’s claim as the best rapper. The Pittsburgh City Paper even hopped on the bandwagon advertising the conversation. Others disputed Live’s claim. “You should wait to hear some raps, that talking shit dead,” NVSV said. Javed, the co-owner of the Senseless streetwear boutique chimed in saying, “Being the best rapper in Pittsburgh is thinking too small.” Self-confidence is great, but it will be tested in hip-hop, especially if you say you’re the best. “People are being challenged to grow or fall with the leaves. (I love a good competition when it’s about skill and content. Ain’t gon' lie lol). Hopefully, this will make for some dope music and art,” songstress Clara Kent said.

Of all the talking done on Twitter from Pittsburgh’s hip-hop scene, Pk Delay has been the only rapper so far to respond to Live with music. “Prove it WITH BARS,” producer C.Scott said. Once Livefromthecity took advantage of the conversation and publicity announcing his next project called “Lightwork” dropping April 1, Pk dropped his response to the discussion called “LIGHTWORK.”

Here are some of Pk’s bars in “LIGHTWORK” to pay attention to:

  • “I’m Live In My City. I’m the nigga that get it crackin’.”

  • “These niggas don’t really rap they just like singing to these bitches.”

  • “Don’t pull up to they spots ain’t being seen with these lil niggas. Nephs it got me hot I’m even on the scene with these lil niggas.”

Peoples’ opinions on who is the best rapper are only entertainment. What’s important is the challenges that come from pushing yourself, which Clara Kent alluded to. Also, Zeke Nicholson, who boomed out of the city managing national rappers J.I.D and EarthGang, offered sage advice. “Being the best in the Burgh doesn’t matter AT ALL. If it doesn’t find a way to spread out it will only Live there,” he said. DJ Spillz tagged in, “That title means nothing if your music cannot resonate outside of this city!” The positivity Don, Mars Jackson told people to focus on love and put their egos aside. This particular thread earned lots of responses, which you should read here.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 6.59.20 PM.png

Overall, we’re excited to see the music that comes from this situation, and you should be to if you’re a fan of the local scene and hip-hop in general because we all know we want Pittsburgh to shine to the world.

Pk Delay and Slicky Williams are the Best Duo Since Martin Lawrence and Will Smith by Alex Young

Pk Delay (left) and Slicky Williams (right)

Pk Delay (left) and Slicky Williams (right)

Pk Delay has dropped a new song every single day this month. Apparently, he works towards a full 365-song catalog by the year’s end. He wrote an Instagram caption two weeks ago, “Day 4/365.” That’s a lot of music.

Somebody needs to tell Pk the gumbo he’s cooked with Slicky Williams is fire though. The rappers are friends. “Slick Will, yeah, that’s my twin. I think he me now,” Pk said. ITR heard they were on to something back in 2016 once they put out songs like “Ain’t Nothing” or “Here.” Now, their latest tunes just snap. The guys are smooth, nifty rappers. From neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, Pk from the Hill District and Slicky from Homewood, they can thug out representing their hardened hoods. “Blood rushing watching niggas kill they cousins. Shady,” Pk said in his new track “How I’m Comin” with Slick. “Retaliate. Do a nigga greasy Imma fry him,” Slick finished. Or the duo has fun with music like their new party record “Temple Run.” Faint ad-lib ‘shhs’ turn the song on its head getting you to dance thinking about the playful arcade app called Temple Run.

It’s safe to say the people want to hear more from Pk Delay and Slicky Williams. Listen to more of Pk’s 365-day project here.

Pk Delay Finds A Rhythm With New Records by Alex Young

Pk Delay hydrating when a ‘fashionista’ walks by him. Photograph by Alex Young

Pk Delay hydrating when a ‘fashionista’ walks by him. Photograph by Alex Young

It started with “I Take It Easy.” This bop came clear through the speaker. “But these niggas need me. Package the whole thing.” As cocky as the line sounds, I think Pk Delay just recognized his role in this music scene. Cool as confidence, sometimes Pk’s records come in with the full anticipation of a professional rollout like his “Silver” album. Or his records hit you unannounced, like his song with Benji, the hip-hop musician, and brother of super producer Christo.

Even better, the rapper Pk Delay has a new album, “Pretty The Pico.” We’ve anticipated his song “Move Away” with Taylor Gang’s own Chevy Woods for a minute. When Delay debuted the song at Cody Baker’s Pop Style bar party in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville, Reese Youngn featured on the song, so another hype version of “Move Away” exists. “Pretty The Pico” delivery below.

“I might move A WAY.” ITR grammatical error got the city trippin’.

Pk Delay's New Album Feels Like Silver by Alex Young

Pk Delay | photograph by Alex Young

Pk Delay | photograph by Alex Young

Pk Delay, a 24-year-old native of Pittsburgh's culturally significant Hill District neighborhood, sat down for lunch at the organic supermarket Whole Foods in East Liberty. 

Forking salmon, broccoli and rice, Pk is "developing myself," while anticipating the path he will journey when his new album "Silver" drops April 22.

Pk Delay at Whole Foods | photograph by Alex Young

Pk Delay at Whole Foods | photograph by Alex Young

The rapper Pk Delay motivates himself by "keeping it raw all the time," he said. Both his music and personality move with a cool. His youth brings a smile to his face as he talks about playing the Fortnite video game. He calls it good friendship because it takes him back to his teenage years playing Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty online with his friends, like longtime friends and fellow musicians Deem, Fat Corey, Seas, Slicky Williams and Pet Zebra. "They're good guys," Pk said.

"You can always find a friend on the Internet," he said. It "makes the human experience a little bit easier 'cause this shit is hard, but it's fun though." He cautions to try not to be too deep in the 'net. "I feel like we're losing a lot of people to it," he said. "You lose your sense in the outer world. Un-plug real quick."

Although, Pk can't deny the benefit the Internet has had on his music. Past albums, like his "Dad" project, were so successfully promoted via Twitter. Remember when Pk Delay and rapper Trinidad James got into throwing Tweets about who was the original 'Dad.'

The official single of Pk's "Silver" album does well on Internet streaming platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify achieving over 160,000 plays on the "Fed Up" single.

Pk Delay "Silver" cover art by  Ben Petchel  via  @pkdelay  on Instagram

Pk Delay "Silver" cover art by Ben Petchel via @pkdelay on Instagram

The success of "Fed Up" speaks to the quality of "Silver." This refinement drips throughout the new studio album. "Silver is in everything we need," Delay said. Pk upgraded the production value and the messages on the album. Also, he wrote songs. Proper verses with bridges and hooks plus more layers, synths and snares make "real music feel like silver."

Unlike quick, glitzy songs like "No Lil Pups" where Delay was on his lightweight, "'Silver' is me thinking. I took care of this one," he said. The record's lead single was mixed three times and mastered by E. Dan of I.D. Labs studio. The artist deal Pk Delay signed with Limited Funds lends a "helping hand," he said.

Other music like Nipsey Hussle's "Victory Lap" or alternative sounds like Fleetwood Mac or Passion Pit influence Delay's sound. "I like that chill shit," he said. He'd make alternative music himself, "but that wasn't my environment." Delay can relate to the "textbook get money, save money, double up," principles that feature in "Victory Lap" or even Jay Z's "4:44."

Don’t be living outside your means, bro.
— Pk Delay

As it comes to the 'Burgh's creative community, Delay offers more advice. "Stop thinking little achievements are big. Stop taking that five minutes of fame. Look at the grand scheme. There's way more to do," he said.

Fans of hip-hop in Pittsburgh should attend the "Silver" listening party at Threads On Carson in the South Side on April 21 at 7 p.m.

Pk Delay finished with encouragement. "Just know somebody needs you. Just find something to hold onto whether it's family or music," he said.

Threads On Carson

1511 East Carson Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15203