Sango Releases the Final Installment of his 'Da Rocinha' Sound Study, 'Da Rocinha 3' (Album Stream) / by Alex Young

Photo by  Jordan Nicholson

In 2012, Sango, a music producer and engineer from Seattle, Wa., went on a search for influential music outside of the United States. His quest landed him in Brazil, a country with vibrant culture and music untapped and under-represented by Western society. Sango immersed himself in the country, its Portuguese language and baile funk or as the locals call it, "funk carioca," a genre of music identifiable in Brazil's urbanized slums.

The unique baile funk sound was birthed in Rocinha, the largest favela in Brazil, where Sango allowed himself to be influenced musically. Rather than sampling and appropriating the style, Sango embarked on a sound study of baile funk, three albums celebrating the Brazilian music. Of Da Rocinha number one Sango said, "I felt this sound is still somewhat untouched in some music scenes. I wanted to give my interpretation of the music and was also curious of how baile funk's distinct loops and provoking sounds would sound layer under my ideas."

Today, Sango releases the final installment of his Da Rocinha series. The third album, Da Rocinha 3, translates to "From Rocinha," and "is about keeping the funk carioca roots true," Sango notes.

Along with the native sounds, the Seattle producer adds hints of hip-hop throughout the project presented by contemporary artists like Marvel Alexander and Elhae.

Stream Da Rocinha 3 below and if you are a fan of the work purchase all 19 songs for $1 at Bandcamp.