Choo Jackson - Back From Texas (Music Video) / by Alex Young

Via  choogotyourbeer  on Instagram

Via choogotyourbeer on Instagram

Foreverkool rapper Choo Jackson appears to be delighted in his new music video, "Back From Texas."

The song debuted on SoundCloud upon Choo's return to Pittsburgh, Pa. after an enjoyable SXSW trip. Dialogue from the track illustrates how much fun the artist is having. "See my watch, I'm doing fine," Choo raps in "Back From Texas," alluding to his recently acquired shiny silver and diamond encrusted Rolex with matching grills to boot.

Although Choo values the thrills and spoils of his rap career, most importantly, he is thankful for the life of his loved ones. Having almost lost his brother, waking up to see another day is reason enough to celebrate for Choo, and anyone else for that matter.

Gleeful visuals are appropriately added to "Back From Texas" courtesy of Pittsburgh resident Bradley Atom, and exclusively delivered out of the 'burgh by TreeJTV.