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About Last Night: Hip-Hop at Mr. Smalls by Alex Young

Choo Jackson

Choo Jackson

Energy was good inside a concert theatre, formerly an 18th century Catholic church, known to people in Pittsburgh, Pa. and the national music community as Mr. Smalls Funhouse.

Local artistry, as well as legend, on display at the venue moved Pittsburgh community members to support and attend a May 13 rap show.

The atmosphere became particularly festive when Taylor Gang's own, DJ Motor Mane, one of the hosts of the concert along with DJ Afterthought, played a knocking song by Carnage, "WDYW," featuring studs A$AP Ferg, Lil Uzi Vert, and Rich The Kid. Attendees started to dance in the middle section of the crowd and wallflowers and standstills throughout began to loosen up.

Soon after, Jimmy Wopo, a rapper native to the 'burgh streets, hit the stage energetically. Notably, he rattled off a catchy chant, "woponese, woponese, woponese," he said in his last song before leaving the stage.

Via rbfaresh Snapchat

Via rbfaresh Snapchat

A surprise party came from Chevy Woods, another Taylor Gang member. He stepped on stage, stunna shades in tact, and slid over top a beat, "I just made a play on ya bitch she in love with my watch, yeah, yeah, ooh."  The lyrics open Chevy's newest song, "Forever," which was released and performed Friday the 13th to celebrate the rapper's birthday.

Fans met thorough enthusiasm when local rock star, Foreverkool Records honcho, and signee to Mac Miller's Remember® music label, Choo Jackson began his set. Gold Miller High Life can in his right hand and microphone in his left hand, Choo split one of his jean pant legs down the seam, and his inner thigh showed on stage. Playing through his catalogue, he encouraged the crowd, "before this next song drops, I need everybody to say 'Hell Fucking Yeah, Nigga!'" Many complied and amidst the yelling, the rapper's new anthem, "Back From Texas," a song about getting head while driving and other important things, rained down. In between songs, Choo engaged with the crowd, "I just want to say happy birthday to RB (owner of Pittsburgh lifestyle clothier farESH Brand)." An audience member chimed in, "put titties in RB's face!" "Titties in RB's face," Choo shouted to everyone.

However, despite the merry-making, female attendees started roaring for the next performer in the lineup, "Hardo, Hardo, Hardo, Hardo," they screamed as Choo finished his last two songs. The girls essentially encored the biggest trap star in Pittsburgh onto the stage, and their hearts skipped a beat when he entered. Hardo and his DJ, Christo, also known as Bounceman, had heads nodding as the rapper narrated his Wilkinsburg, Pa. neighborhood experiences to his hometown comrades.

Hardo's new school, gangster sound appropriately warmed the crowd for the night's headliner, Cam'ron, leader of Dipset, proud representative of Harlem, N.Y., and Rico from the movie Paid In Full. The hip-hop legend performed popular jams like "Down and Out," "Hey Ma," and "Oh Boy." Killa Cam thanked the Pittsburgh crowd on numerous occasions for their era long support. He even let an excited, burly man "rock out" with him on stage.

From the fanfare, to the festivities, it was a pleasure to see youth and old heads intermingle and show appreciation for various styles and genuine forms of hip-hop. It is nice to experience and know the purest forms of popular culture can thrive in Pittsburgh.


Choo Jackson - Back From Texas (Music Video) by Alex Young

Via  choogotyourbeer  on Instagram

Via choogotyourbeer on Instagram

Foreverkool rapper Choo Jackson appears to be delighted in his new music video, "Back From Texas."

The song debuted on SoundCloud upon Choo's return to Pittsburgh, Pa. after an enjoyable SXSW trip. Dialogue from the track illustrates how much fun the artist is having. "See my watch, I'm doing fine," Choo raps in "Back From Texas," alluding to his recently acquired shiny silver and diamond encrusted Rolex with matching grills to boot.

Although Choo values the thrills and spoils of his rap career, most importantly, he is thankful for the life of his loved ones. Having almost lost his brother, waking up to see another day is reason enough to celebrate for Choo, and anyone else for that matter.

Gleeful visuals are appropriately added to "Back From Texas" courtesy of Pittsburgh resident Bradley Atom, and exclusively delivered out of the 'burgh by TreeJTV.

Time Spent with Choo Jackson by Alex Young

Choo Jackson via Alex Young

Choo Jackson via Alex Young

Choo Jackson un-paused his game, Tomb Raider on Xbox One. The rapper by way of Vero Beach, Fla., Chambersburg, Pa., and, most present, Pittsburgh now maneuvered a battle-tested Lara Croft throughout the map.

The moment of leisure came one day before Choo released his first project of 2016, a nine-song mixtape titled Anime. The work is "journey of youth music," he said, inspired by the wacky and colorful Japanese cartoon. Choo has watched anime since his uncle showed it to him as a kid, and he made the music to, "explain my life in a different way."

In his debut album, Broken Hearts Make Money, Choo spoke on personal relationship heartbreak; he detailed how a breakup took away his cheer and left him in solitude. However, his newest record, Anime, helped drive him away from his melancholy. Anime is about, "fucking fun, being out of this broken heart rut, and me finding myself again through the music," he said. Executive producer Christo helped Choo craft the EP's cheery sound.

"I made Anime for me to have fun to. I wanted to make cool ass music to be raw as fuck to, and that other people could have fun to as well," Choo said. Now, the rapper is back on the market, and waiting to see the women that come out of the woodwork after he drops new music.

Along with rapping, Choo cites weed and his friends as the positive influences to bring his swagger back. Nigel, co-owner of Pittsburgh lifestyle brand Daily Bread, sat next to Choo on the couch while he played Tomb Raider. Daily Bread was one of the first companies to promote Choo and expand his creative image more thoroughly throughout the 'burgh. Another friend and Choo's roommate, Staxx, also known as Swing, is a producer who motivates Choo with his dedication and effort.

Currently, life is blooming for Choo Jackson, a valuable member of RememberMusic. Since releasing BHMM, "I am a grown man now. I know my vision, and I know what I want to do," he said. One of those desired accomplishments is to make "50 genuine albums" in his career. 

Choo Jackson and Nigel of Daily Bread

Choo Jackson and Nigel of Daily Bread

A sample of that catalog came from loud bass hits and various melodies that rung from upstairs in Staxx's room of Choo's crib. A tall recording mic stood at my left, and it became apparent Choo records music where he lives. He put the Xbox controller down and invited Nigel and me up to listen to some unreleased songs that detailed his next two projects. The first song he played was a sung freestyle, and the following was a diddly with the words, "stunt on you," repeated in the hook. Here he delivered sage advice, "there are some people that always need to be stunt on because there are some people that stunted on you and told you that you wouldn't be shit."

The most endearing aspect of Choo's music is its purity. He allows his fans to enjoy his heartache and his accomplishments. By being both vulnerable and prideful himself, Choo instills confidence in everybody who listens to him. He receives gratification from knowing his music has helped someone. Choo even calls his fans family, "but distant, though."

As Choo looks to the future of his career, he hopes to use his sharp ear to expand the roster of his Foreverkool Records label. While I visited his home, Choo alerted me to new artist Nav and a song by Lil Yachty, "1Night."

Most importantly, Choo Jackson wants his fans to remember him as somebody who sacrificed himself to help the good of many. "Imagine a candlelight vigil for me," he said.

Choo Jackson - Go Home by Alex Young

Photo by  ForgetBrennan

Photo by ForgetBrennan

Natively from Vero Beach, Fla., musically Choo Jackson places his origins in Pittsburgh, Pa.

After touring with Pittsburgh comrade Mac Miller during his GO:OD AM tour, granted by Jackson's REMember Music affiliation, success from his debut album Broken Hearts Make Money, and singles like "Tony Anthony Freestyle," the rapper is steadily building his mainstream audience.

Rapper Jackson entices listeners because his music is genuine. Lyrics like, "I don't wanna die all alone. I thought you was mine I was wrong. And I don't wanna ball all alone," speak to companionship. In the aforementioned "Tony Anthony Freestyle" and the song "Family First," Jackson explains how family life drives his music career saying, "For my family i do what i can yea!"

Jackson makes it apparent he pours his soul and hard work into his cultivated sound. People do not have to search far to find relatable messages from the artist, a fact that shall aid Jackson as he offers new material.

Next month, Feb. 9 specifically, Jackson will release a project titled Anime mixed by Pittsburgh fellows bradley Atom and Christo. In promotion for the record, Jackson drops off a new single, "Go Home." While fans should anticipate more introspection from the rapper, "Go Home" alludes to Jackson's entertaining and motivational enthusiasm. Listen to the track below.

Choo Jackson - Tony Anthony Freestyle by Alex Young

@choogotyourbeer (IG)

@choogotyourbeer (IG)

Following the celebration of 1 million SoundClound plays of his debut album, Broken Hearts Make Money, Choo Jackson continues to push his craft with a new song, "Tony Anthony Freestyle."

The rap game, at times, can be filled with distractions, chicks vying for attention, freeloaders or anybody and anything hindering artists from prosperity. Choo simply, "ain't got no time today" for all that bullshit because the rapper's priorities lie in the music. A note supports the new track and reads, "For my family i do what i can yea!" Great purpose fuels Choo Jackson's creative expression, which today transmits itself in "Tony Anthony Freestyle." Listen below.