This Rapper Has Vision Like Bob Marley / by Alex Young

A British-Cyrpiot rapper, named A.M. SNiPER, crafts genuine tones in his new song, "Hype." Authenticity and appreciation for musical and popular culture are noted in the musician's sampling of A Tribe Called Quest's "Butter" track and use of vocal cuts from the group's late member Phife Dawg.

The artist based in Ayia Napa, a town on the southeast coast of Mediterranean island country Cyprus, and hotspot for grime and urban music in Europe, focuses on the vision and artistic quality of his work rather than the hype, a characteristic SNiPER derives from icon Bob Marley.

Regarding "Hype," the song promotes the rapper's forthcoming debut album and features New Orleans product Curren$y. SNiPER's latest offering oozes vibes many rap fans can relate to so listen below.