PK Delay Drops New Song After Getting 22 Favorites on Tweet / by Alex Young

Artists use social media to engage with their fans, to promote their image, and to receive feedback on their individual masterpieces.

Pittsburgh rapper PK Delay, also known as dad for his wisdom and fervor for life, takes advantage of the numerous impressions he makes on sites such as Twitter. While his posts flutter in jest or entertainment, like when he Tweets, "don't jack off in front of ur pets have some respek," or rattles off, "ay man make sure you don't be creepin' on ya exes pages tonight. jus do u," the rapper boosts his online presence, which is smart because that is where the majority of music listeners listen.

There was no delay when PK promised a new freestyle to his fans if a specific Tweet reached 22 favorites. Within an hour, the rapper announced his new track, "Booker T," thanks to news spreading on the social network.

PK Delay's new single makes waves before his upcoming mixtape, 'DAD YEAR.' Follow @pkdelay on Twitter to stay current.