Coco - MY G (Music Video) / by Alex Young

East London birthed grime, what we in America would call British rap. The genre of music originates from dance tracks produced at 140 beats-per-minute which was then essentially rapped over. Grime's narrative is authentic to the life of disenfranchised British youths.

Progress continues for the genre as it has been around longer than a decade. Thanks to grime's founders, like Wiley, and current heavyweights, like Giggs, JME, and Skepta, the sound and participants' growth garners mainstream exposure.

The landscape supports talented contemporaries who push the quality of grime. For instance, Coco, a native of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, gains attention for his fiery lyrics laid over hitting bass-lines.

"This fire is gonna spread, My G. You're gonna need you're bed, My G... Real I am not a bootleg, My G," Coco raps in his new music video, "My G."

While Coco receives play on British radio waves such as BBC Radio 1Xtra, he also prepares for his first ever headline show held at O2 Academy2 in Islington, London.

Hear a taste of the UK's grime scene with "My G" below and watch a proper documentary on the culture on Viceland.