Pk Delay - dad. (EP) / by Alex Young

On and for Father's Day, Pk Delay, an artist who goes by the title of 'dad,' released his "dad." extended play.

Later in the day, a person, who some would call "washed up," sent advice over Twitter motivating fathers to be the best version of themselves they can be. The person was Atlanta, Ga. rapper Trinidad James and while he was celebrating the day's paternal occasion, he also played into his own 'dad' nickname.

One of Pk's fans, and the designer of the "dad." EP's cover, @wahoolagan, rebuked to James, "@pkdelay is the true dad. Have some respect and change your name." A conversation ensued where both artists explained what their dad acronyms truly meant. 

By the end of the thread, James explained that 'DAD' to him means "destroying all doubters," and compared to Pk's "doing all deeds," the Pittsburgh rapper presents more of a father figure. 

"Besides our birth fathers, Pk Delay is the only dad we know," another fan said on Twitter to James.

Pk's phrase and consequent nickname assert that everyone should be accountable to themselves and the people around them as to build a strong and honest community. The lifestyle exemplifies some of the traits any good father should have.

Additionally, the conversation on Twitter further promoted Pk and his "dad." project, and also offered some reflection on what it means to be a father, especially on the day when showing appreciation for a dad's leadership and staunch resolve is paramount.

Although the events on social media provide a relevant talking point, focus is placed on Pk Delay's musical work. Hosting seven songs, "dad." features Pittsburgh locals Choo Jackson and The Company Only comrades Deem Trill, Joel Kellem, Seas Supreme, and Slicky Williams. The track "Here" with Slicky is a hit and something you want to hear live, which people in the 'Burgh might be able to do July 31 as Joel and Pk will open up for Young Thug.

Listen to "dad." below.