Knuccleheadz Present "Timeless" Hip-Hop / by Alex Young

The Knuccleheadz of Pittsburgh's East side present a classic musical work. Residents of the 'Burgh's Homewood neighborhood, Good Kelly, Heem, and Jiggy rap a "Timeless" EP.

After reminding the crowd at Strip District Music Fest "what hip-hop really is," Knuccleheadz expand upon their retro sound to share tales of gangster life in the city.

Detailing times with their mates on the leftcide, the Crip side, money, and thumping pussy, '90s, Los Angeles G-funk and New York boom bap influences are heavily felt throughout "Timeless."

"We supply gangster shit, you wish you could walk like this," floats the hook of the song "Like This."

Along with the authentic hip-hop themes, Knuccleheadz provide a real narrative and soundtrack to the hardened Pittsburgh streets. "Gangstaz Dont Cry" and "Nice To Meet You" illustrate life in the neighborhood.

The "Timeless" extended play has the appreciation for its original rap flavor. Listen to the Knuccleheadz's latest project below.