Foursix - LVL1 / by Alex Young

Foursix captured by  @branndannart

Foursix captured by @branndannart

Members of Foursix, a music collective and art label with New York roots, understand the importance of chemistry, especially in a group of seven people.

When Foursix linked to make music last, J-Payso and Verdé Madera, two of the groups members, crafted "Favors," a song detailing the nature and lifestyle of a nine-to-five job.

After recording "Favors," "we felt so good about it we wanted to carry that energy into a new song," Foursix says.

The individualistic creativity each member in Foursix has builds rapport amongst the crew, comprised of Amoedo, Ashlee, J-Payso, Jahnei, Verde Madera, Zach Day, and Zino. They create a fun, good quality in their music when the group's good chemistry reflects in in their art.

Such is the case in Foursix's newest song, "LVL1." Performed by J-Payso and Verde Madera, the song is produced by Jahnei, one of the collective's two in-house producers along with Amoedo. Also, the track is from Foursix's debut record, "The Manhattan Project," which is due for release soon.

If you are in New York, see Foursix for their show at Webster Hall on July 6, and watch and listen to their most recent works, "Favors" and "LVL1," below.