Cut to the Chase with Adian Coker / by Alex Young

Adian Coker

Adian Coker

Hip-hop creates a foundation and paves the way for "everyone to understand race and identity," said Eddie Huang, journalist, restaurateur, and rap fan, to Hot 97 radio station.

While hip-hop's roots remain in United States cities like New York and Los Angeles, people around the world relate to its authentic, confidence-filling, personal narrative.

Speaking to identity, South London rapper Adian Coker finds his voice in his new extended play, "Connect."

Calling his music "rap with pop sensibilities," his new work is truer to himself than ever. "It's more accessible really... it's still as smart as it was, it's just I'm out a lot more and obviously, as an artist I wanna hear my tunes in the club if I'm there," Coker said to Underground Kulture blog.

The UK artist has relied on his lyrical ability in the past, using punchlines and metaphors to build introspection. But, "Connect" offers an identifiable side to Coker presented in a playful musicality where listeners can vibe off the melodies, flows, and production.

Mixtapes and tracks dating back to 2012 bolstered Coker to right now, but how will his new effort progress his music career and how much does The States' contemporary rap scene impact his output?

InTheRough's curiosities were relayed to Coker by tenletterPR at a press event in Farringdon, London for the release of "Connect." 

Adian Coker: It's always about being consistent and putting more music out. As an up and coming artist, that's always going to be the key to progress.

ITR: Do you concern yourself with contemporary rap in the U.S.? If so, who influences your sound?

Adian Coker: Yeah of course. It's the soundtrack to every club I go to pretty much. When I'm making a record though, I try to stay away from listening to anything in my genre that's current. As hard as you might try, it always ends up influencing the sound - I never want a project I make to sound like a replica of something else.

ITR: What is your favorite record on "Connect" and why?

Adian Coker: That's tough. It changes daily at the moment. Currently, I'm listening to "Nothing New." It's a banger; I love the flow and the beat. "Iyamide's Son" is also a favourite of mine right now too.