Pk Delay featuring Choo Jackson - Mood Yah / by Alex Young

Via @pkdelay

Via @pkdelay

Since speaking Stanley Cup prophecies for the Penguins into existence, becoming dad of the year every year, and trending, I would say Pk Delay's mood is pretty upbeat.

At the Pittsburgh rapper's Pretty Chill Kickback, a party at a hookah bar, he debuted a new track called "Mood Yah." He announced the song featured Foreverkool artist Choo Jackson, and that led to much anticipation for it to drop. 

Prior to the single's official release, Pk Delay and his fans successfully got the song title trending on Twitter to reach a popular audience.

Available on Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify, "Mood Yah" promotes PK Delay's new EP coming in June and spreads glee. The song will also draw attendees to a string of performances featuring Pk Delay and his The Company Only crew, like the one on June 11 at Boom Concepts.

Listen to "Mood Yah" below and learn about dad's life in the latest "Just Chilling" episode here.