SNE - Essence (extended play) / by Alex Young

Via SNE's  Instagram

Via SNE's Instagram

Sound Never Ends. This is the truth because a sound is everywhere, and all people have to do is listen. However, in this instance, Sound Never Ends is a hip-hop artist from Hackney, a borough in London, England. "East end boy you can hear it in my tone," he says.

Abbreviated as SNE, the artist calls his sound "trillful," which is a blend of trap music stemming from gritty London neighborhoods and R&B soul music. In his new 14-track extended play called "Essence," SNE demonstrates the spirit of his environment, today's contemporary hip-hop, and his work. "My partner in the trap, me I'm trying to tell him it's a trap... he's just trying to get it where it's at I'm on the same thing."

"Every verse cocaine I told you already," he raps. The grind of running drugs and a trap house influences his sounds as much as the legal grind of trying to make it in the music industry. In the song "Titanic/Turbulence," SNE says, "I do this for my people I'm Corleone," a reference to Italian gangster and The Godfather Michael Corleone who lived and worked for his family. The UK rapper pulls from recognizable cultural icons to state his "Essence" project is just as iconic.

Great parts of "Essence" are hard and utilize alerting chimes, cool bass hits, synths, and cutting lyrics about hood life. Although, the smooth R&B styles are heavily present. The song "House of Love" has a groovy guitar and "442" features a classic '90s R&B tone. SNE's vocal ability shines in "Coolie Skit" and "Outro."

Listen to "Rödrigo" to hear SNE's smart mix of hard rap and passionate soul.

Overall, "Essence" by SNE shows the untapped talent coming from London's hip-hop scene. The project is intriguing because SNE shares his relatable experiences and lifestyle across the pond and puts them to a current and progressive sound.