Knuccleheadz - Downfall / by Alex Young

Knuccleheadz with Snoop Dogg

Knuccleheadz with Snoop Dogg

The geographic benefit to rap is it tells different versions of a similar story city to city and country to country. Gangster rap especially tells the narrative of the underworld that disadvantaged communities create. The sub-genre speaks to the "by any means" hunger and hustle that is a characteristic of people raised in these neighborhoods.

Pittsburgh, Pa. has a story to tell from its hoods and Good Kelly, Heem, and Jiggy of the Knuccleheadz are proud to tell it.

"Never leave the crib without the heater on me... represent the weak and you gon' die in the flames," they say in their newest song called "Downfall."

Even though the Knuccleheadz got out of their Homewood neighborhood for some time this summer while traveling nationally with Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg on the "High Road Tour," they have not lost touch with the environment of where they come from.

Their new song communicates that they will not stop in "the game" until they get what they want. However, they must remain vigilant because people, like the opposition, pray on their downfall.

The reality is harsh when people are "living for today because tomorrow might not even hit." 

"Wild nigga from the 'Wood but I'm smooth as leather. Keep a beretta when I'm chasin' chedda," part of the Knuccleheadz raps.

For some people in suburbia perhaps unfamiliar with urban life, the Knuccleheadz supply a depiction of a work ethic that never stops despite their circumstances. Everyone has to get it how they live.

Learn from the Knuccleheadz below.