Javed's "Time to TIME" Premiere / by Alex Young

Readers here begin to see how diverse the hip-hop talent is in Pittsburgh. Use a compiled list by local producer Yung Mulatto to review the artists creating in the community.

To focus the broad perspective of Mulatto's list, pay attention to rapper Javed and Serene team. The 412 product is good for cool and shows in The 'Burgh, like when he opened up for Father which coincided with his "Window II your Soul" mixtape.

Boom bap productions complement Javed's laid-back approach. His lyrics are stylish, but they are also very real regarding the artist's life perspective. Materialistic references to fashion designers Bianca Chandôn or Karl Kani contrast serious questions like "why does 12 keep glocking us all the time?" that are in his new song "Time to TIME."

Javed's new effort seeks personal insight on trend with his work in "W2YS." Although how Javed sees his role in society plays out in his music, the man also affects popular culture in Pittsburgh tangibly.

901 Western Avenue - Pittsburgh, PA 15233

901 Western Avenue - Pittsburgh, PA 15233

The fly-down-to-earth quality to Javed feeds his and his brother Rome's apparel store called Senseless on the Northside. Together the two have a selection of vintage quality brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren Polo, Nautica, and Supreme housed in an encouraging atmosphere.

More on Senseless's involvement in the Steel City will feature on "Life's Goods" soon. For now, listen to Javed's "Time to TIME" featuring a verse from Serene member Calvin below.