Kremmy Six and The Big East Championship Rap Show / by Alex Young

Photos of Kremmy Six Saucin by Alex Young

Kremmy Six Saucin invited me to his 24th birthday party at the Gooski’s bar in Polish Hill, Pittsburgh. Graffiti and stickers plastered everywhere mixed with the smoke tinge and rock classics playing all night. Kremmy’s nails painted black. Two silver crosses hung from his right ear. More silver pierced his nose cartilage and septum. The punk aesthetic worked for the rapper Kremmy Six Saucin whose taste is very of the moment which you can tell from his bulky European size 43 Balenciaga Triple S Trainer sneakers.

Describing his music as “in a mode,” Kremmy’s songs are cinematic journeys laced with auto-tune trap jams where he starts realizing “some things in my life,” he said, like working on self-love. Over the course of his albums like, “RIDE 4:12 AM” or “TE$T YOUR LUCK,” Kremmy’s self-discovery dealt with what type of man he strived to be finding himself going against his morals, or the internal thoughts of a black man.

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 12.26.36 AM.png

Now, with help from the “home team,” including producer Jaybee and rapper NATO Rounds among others (Finessin Wes, Manu, Ron James plus more), Kremmy readies the release of his next project called “SIX.” He said, “it’s more just working towards being a better person.”

Though the “SIX” project is on the way, people should attend The Big East Championship show at Haus of Vain on Feb. 9, 2019. The rap show features native ‘Burgh emcees Kremmy, LiveFromTheCity and Ron James. Jaybee handles the DJ set, and the crew will welcome New York artists Bknott, Kudoz and RAF of Thrifty Retro Records as the “home team” must show out on their turf.

Haus Of Vain

4711 Centre Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Show starts at 9 p.m. 2/9/19