New Rap Stars B.C. / by Alex Young

Cover photo for "I'm So High" by B.C.

Cover photo for "I'm So High" by B.C.

Brendon Hawkins and Caleb Hickerson of music group B.C. pair for a cool song. Their effort couldn't come at a better time since the street murder of rapper Jimmy Wopo and police murder of Antwon Rose took the spirit out of Pittsburgh. Wiz Khalifa's new "Rolling Papers 2" album, especially the "Blue Hunnids" track featuring rappers Wopo and Hardo, and Mac Miller's forthcoming "Swimming" album have gotten us excited again. Not to mention the music festivals happening today in DeutschtownFreek Show and The City providing activities for the community to do. But this song "I'm So High" by B.C. puts us in our bag.

If you know B.C., the song's demeanor is not surprising. The visual artist Hawkins currently creates images for a The Tenth Magazine and hit HBO TV show Insecure campaign sponsoring a lux beach week. Hickerson, who is a filmmaker and photographer, shot the spotlight cover photo along with Hawkins for their new song. The partners' work thrives, and they wear themselves well. This fly transitions into their music.

Originally recorded in October of 2017, the flare in "I'm So High" comes from B.C.'s style. "It's Big B Big Bucks I got a lot of cash, and I spend it all on new denim for my sexy ass," B raps. Hawkins notes "I'm So High" takes influence from Project Pat of Three 6 Mafia, who Hawkins notes is an Aquarius once somebody on Instagram said B.C.'s song sounds like Memphis rap.

Follow the rapper's movements from the music to the artwork. Listen to "I'm So High."