Get Ready for "TRAPPNLYNNON" / by Alex Young

After watching the AWGE DVD volumes by vaunted A$AP MOB rap crew, let’s hype more cool hip-hop.

"Count Up" recorded by Choo Jackson, Christo, Hardo and FTR Drama is every bit of stardom and the music scene as you would expect from the next heavy hitting rappers. You can see how the rappers' styles have changed while noticing they're trajectory remains on point. The Choo, Christo and Hardo camp has a nice cache of music. Remember all three on "Chance It" from Choo's "Anime" project. More so, Christo production gives Choo's music that bounce. The last five songs that Choo has released Christo has production credits on three of them. Just slight work as the native Pittsburgh DJ and producer jaunts around the world part of Dreamville rapper J.I.D.'s tour act and music production. Hardo is going on tour himself featured in the Dazed & Blazed Summer 2018 Tour from Wiz Khalifa. Choo Jackson got concert dates through LiveNation too, and he was just in New York City recording music with ClockworkDJ. Career rapper FTR Drama elevates this song thanks to big-time features with rappers like Chief Keef. Drama mixes well with this group as a Pittsburgh flavor drips through the song. Each rapper, native or not, used city resources to push their music. Stay tuned to new music by all the parties here, like the Choo Jackson and Hardo "TRAPPNLYNNON" EP.