"Nickelodeon" / by Alex Young


Maybe it's my ride on Astroworld remedied by the luster from A$AP Mob's AWGE DVDs, but we're putting rap in Pittsburgh on camera, just like all the greats do. Think how legendary Wiz Khalifa's "DayToday" episodes are. Let alone his YouTube channel period. The video for "Reefer Party" still gives comedic relief. Know the power of MTV music videos too. Although the day-to-day, the fun on camera shows everyone you're real. When you throw rap into the mix, it just becomes cool. Soon, see how lit the hip-hop scene is here if you have yet to put the pieces together. Already filming freestyles and shenanigans, shine your bars. This is for us.

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A snippet of some freestyles may hit the ITR Instagram account.