Rap Corral / by Alex Young

12 Songs from Pittsburgh hip-hop artists featuring NVSV, FTR Drama, ALLHAILKELLZ, Jaii Locc and more

Art to NVSV’s “Amethyst” album by  Cliff Fields

Art to NVSV’s “Amethyst” album by Cliff Fields

The ‘Burgh’s hip-hop sound changes depending on which artist you listen to. Drill music hitting with quick bars about trap life occupy a dark part of the scene. Introspective lyrics tackle conscious subjects, or digital contemporaries have fun with their bop-style music.  ITR corrals the good rap songs out right now in the city.

NVSV - Shine

“No one makes content the way I do. At least no one in the city of Pittsburgh who calls themself a rapper. People expect substance from my music. They definitely look for the bars, but also the production quality,” NVSV spoke on his new album “Amethyst” in a video interview by The Pi Company. “Shine” is a favorite. Play “Fallen” too while you’re at it.

FTR Drama - City Ain’t Safe (feat. Jimmy Wopo)

Taking time to collect himself and his music after going through struggles like the law and loss, FTR Drama releases his “Cold Sweats” album. “It’s like stress… Pain is ‘Cold Sweats’ too. I was going through a lot of that as I was a youngn’ coming up and still to this day,” FTR Drama said about his new album in the mini-documentary filmed by Jake Martin, Art Like Us and Jordan Beckham. Check out “City Ain’t Safe” off the project.

London Yellow - Im crashing In a car

At face value, it’s hard to take London Yellow seriously because a lot of the time he’s screaming in the mic and on his Instagram live videos, he twerks nude on social media too, and he makes a lot of pee-pee jokes. His song titles puzzle people, like “Let The White Kids Say Nigger” or “I’m Not A Rapper I’m A Gynecologist.” However, if you can get passed the foolery there are takeaways in London’s music, such as safe driving habits. Listen to “Im crashing In a car.”

John$ - dumbfounded

Lo-fi rapper John$ (Johndollarsign) celebrated his 25th birthday on March 7 with this song “dumbfounded.” He raps, “Imagine if this world wasn’t real. Imagine if you couldn’t have a beer.”

Phalo Pantoja & Moemaw Naedon - Transferred Connection (feat. Fadewell)

Hip-hop lyricist Moemaw Naedon presents his new album “Hard Head Mush Brain” in collaboration with French producer Phalo Pantoja. Naedon’s bars are complex and intricate, so take time to digest what he says. Appreciate his wordsmith and the quality to Pantoja’s beats. If you’re unfamiliar with Moemaw Naedon, introduce yourself with his episode on the I’ll Call You Right Back podcast.

Jimmy Wopo - Ghetto Stories

Long Live

Jaii Locc - No Talkin

Save all the jibber-jabber. Around Homewood emcee Jaii Locc, bring your bars or shut up. “I don’t cap rap. You seen what I said… I only chase the fish I’m catchin’… You tryna go bar for bar with Jaii Locc fuck around and get chewed up.”

Pompeii - Lost N Found

Forever The Original entertainment pushes the debut mixtape from Pompeii called “Trapbag.” Spin “Lost N Found,” a track local DJs could easily spin in clubs on the South Side.

Pet Zebra - Whippin Up (Once Again) (Prod. D_Vnte)

“This nigga talking shit, I’ll give his address to my cousin.”

Kremmy Six Saucin’ and Slicky Williams’ Two Separate Songs on Six Hunnid Beats

Hop on Triller and do your dance to either of these tracks produced by Lithuanian producer Six Hunnid: “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR” by Kremmy Six Saucin’ and “Run Run” by Slicky Williams.

ALLHAILKELLZ - NASSY (feat. Shady Higg, Fat Ma, Indo Rae, Fedd & Semaj Regah) *NSFW*

Kellz, formerly of the Knuccleheadz rap group, is now a solo artist. He kicks off his career as ALLHAILKELLZ debuting a raunchy song for ladies to bounce booty to, “NASSY.” The track also highlights female rap emcees like Fat Ma and Indo Rae. Shady Higg and Fedd add flavor to “NASSY,” which is made by “phenomenal” producer Semaj Regah.